KOHHMARIAが肉欲をさらけ出す“aaight”、AKLOILMARIの初コンビ曲“Believe That”などで2014年を湧かせたトップDJが初フル作を投下! ヒップホップやレゲエ系の現場のみならず〈ULTRA JAPAN〉にまで登板する彼ならではの采配の妙は、JinmenusagiSALUの異色ラヴソング、S-WORDWISE2WINの世代を異にするマイク・リレーなどに結実。地元・宮崎のMCたちが集結したMYZK Monstazには、同郷のSUIとのプロダクション・チーム=CUT CREATOR$で迎え撃つなど、どの曲の組み合わせにも意図があって、それを深読みする楽しさは、参照元を辿ることで視界が広がっていくヒップホップの楽しさそのものだ。シンプリー・レッドを引用したDJ HIROnycへの追悼曲“Hold on”が沁みます。

[English Translation]
DJ SOULJAH, one of the top DJs, drops the first full album which includes tunes thrilled the year 2014: Young and energetic rappers KOHH and Maria baldy express their carnal desires in "aaight."  A half-Mexican and a half-Japanese rapper AKLO and ILMARI from a distinguished hip hop group RIP SLYME collaborated for the first time in "Believe That."  Not only hip hop and reggae scenes, but he also takes place events like 'ULTRA JAPAN.'  Because of such a broad field of activities, his superb directing technique came to fruition: An eccentric love song by new generation rappers Jinmenusagi and SALU, and a mic relay between different generations by S-WORD, WISE, and 2WIN.  His local MC team MYZK Monstaz challenged CUT CREATOR$, his production team with his another compatriot SUI.  Every single match has own intention and to figure it out makes us remember how to enjoy hip hop to expand our vision by tracing the origin. A dirge for DJ HIROnyc "Hold on," which sampled Simply Red, touches us.