[English Translation]
A commemorative album from Char, a legendary Japanese rock guitarist who asked 12 artists to write and produce a song for his upcoming album to celebrate his 60th birthday. Totally different from my expectation that the album would be a relaxed project by an established artist, it delivers a back-to-back line up of excellent performances, in which passionate feelings of 'wanting to open a new door' or 'this is the Char I like' from each artist coincide, instantly making me excited. The seniors, Shigeru Izumiya (Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, and television personality) and Yumi Matsutoya (Japanese singer, composer, lyricist and pianist), scoop up his mature allure, while Tamio Okuda (Japanese singer, songwriter, and producer) and Kankuro Kudo (Japanese screenwriter, dramatist, director, actor) bring their naughty boyishness to light. The joint performance with JESSE (his son as well as Japanese-American rock and urban singer, songwriter, rapper and guitarist) brimming with love was really moving to tears. 

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