TOWA TEIの創作意欲が結実、音数絞ったプロダクションを軸に水原佑果や高橋幸宏ら迎えたヴォーカル曲も最高な一枚



[English Translation]
As with his recent works, TOWA TEI followed his vigorous creative drive which has successfully borne fruit as this 8th album. Compared to the last album "LUCKY" which left an inkling of a departure from dance music as well, it is dominated by beat-driven tracks. In particular, the productions with extremely minified number of tones are quite pleasing to the ear. Some tracks are almost only with beats, but they hold a friendly tone as if a barrage of onomatopoeia in comics sprang out. It’s hard not to be impressed with its unique features and strength. Catchy and elegant vocal songs welcoming Yuka Mizuhara (Japanese female fashion model), Yukihiro Takahashi (renowned Japanese musician, member of YMO) and UA (Japanese singer-songwriter), amongst others, are absolutely awesome. "I don't want to know what's trendy anymore," he says, though, ignorance of the mode seems to bring freshness to this splendid album.