Sugar's Campaignの2作目は〈家族〉がテーマ、王道J-Popと言える大らか&美メロな楽曲中心にヴェイパーウェイヴ風などさまざまな試みも


1年半ぶりの2作目は〈家族〉という普遍的なテーマを据えたためか、表題曲やラストの“SWEET HOME”など、〈王道のJ-Pop〉と形容できそうな大らかで美しいメロディーが主軸の楽曲が新鮮。一方、ねじれた展開の“ただいま。”やヴェイパーウェイヴなインストなど妙なバランスのナンバーも多く、彼らがシンプルなポップソング集を目論んでいるわけではないことも窺える。さまざまなトライアルが詰まった刺激的な作品。


[English Translation]
Sugar’s Campaign “Mamagoto (meaning Playing House)

Second album, the first in a year and a half, features refreshing tracks with gracious, beautiful melodies including the title track or the closing track, "SWEET HOME." It can be described as a collection of [mainstream J-Pop] presumably due to its universal theme of [Family]. The album also includes many oddly balanced numbers such as "Tadaima. (meaning I'm Home.)" with its quirky unfoldment or a vaporwave-ish instrumental, indicating that the duo are not intending to make a simple collection of pop songs. A stimulating work packed with various trials and fiddle-arounds.