[English Translation]
BiSH, also known as 'Brand-new idol SHiT', release their first album for major label avex trax, marking their third installment. The six piece band has made this achievement in just an incredible 18 months since their formation. Here, putting gimmicks aside, the album sees them gathering momentum in as straight a manner as ever. There are more painful and grievous moments with solemn verse not least because Lingling's lyrics seem shot through with a sense of urgency, leading an overall apocalyptic mood. With more straightforward and unadulterated quality of the band's sound, double lead vocalists dramatically soar with emotion: Aina The End's terrific husky voice booms out while Sen To Chihiro Chitti adds steadiness to her pitiful allure. “Killer BiSH” keeps the accessibility that was highlighted in the last album, and is packed with great numbers like naive beat punk "KNAVE" and melodic "Hontou Honki (meaning I Really Mean It)" where new addition Ayuni D expresses gloom and rebelliousness. In contrast, "Orchestra" unabashedly displays a sense of loss, standing out from the pack. Right up to the laid-back closer, "Ikitete Yokatta To Yuu No Nara (meaning If You Say You're Glad To Be Alive)," this album is a superb emotional roller coaster.