DJ Mitsu the Beatsのジャジー・ビートで始まる新作。全体的に恋愛に揺れる心の内が描かれ、それは作品が進むごとに、千々に乱れ、冷静になり、混濁し……と多彩な表情に。食品まつりOlive Oilらによるビートもジュークやアブストラクト調の絢爛な作りで、その混乱と歩を合わせる。“愛ならば知っている”で自分を再認し、“幻”で過去と惜別しながら、“明日を待っている”で次に向かう――一遍の映画のような良作!


[English Translation]
Izumi Makura "Ai Naraba Shitteiru (meaning I Know Love)"

A new album that kicks off with a jazzy beat by Japanese DJ Mitsu the Beats. The entire album depicts a fluttering heart when falling with love, creating a wide variety of expressions as it goes on: torn with conflicting emotions, calmed down, muddled, and so on. The beats by Shokuhin Maturi (Japanese electronic music producer) and Olive Oil (Japanese beatmaker, DJ and producer), gorgeously textured with juke and abstract elements, go well with those mixed feelings. One re-recognizes oneself in "Ai Naraba Shitteiru (meaning I Know Love)," reluctantly parts from the past in "Maboroshi (meaning Illusion)" and moves on to the next in "Asu wo Matte Iru (meaning Waiting for Tomorrow)" - this is an excellent work like a short film!