Calm名義では5年ぶりとなる新作は、沼澤尚藤枝伸介haruka nakamuraなど、総勢9名の音楽家が参加し、以前にも増してたおやかで美しく、情感に溢れた世界観が表現されている。ピアノや管楽器など生演奏のアンサンブルを主体に、柔らかなエレクトロニクスを重ねたサウンドは、夕暮れ時を彷彿とさせるように儚く切なく感情を揺さぶる。咽び泣くフルートとサックスの音色に思わず涙腺が緩む“Pining”は今作のハイライト!

[English Translation]
1st full-length album in 5 years as Calm (who owns several project names), the domestically and internationally popular creator/DJ, inviting 9 fully reliable musicians including Takashi Numazawa/drums, Shinsuke Fujieda/flute and haruka nakamura/acoustic piano this time to create an amazing sound vision that appeared demurely resilient, beautiful and emotion-filled, more than ever. Sounds layered with soft electronics based on real instruments-ensembles with piano or winds remind us of a great sundown that nicely and naturally moves us all. With its sobbing flute and sax that undeniably melts us into tears, the track “Pining” definitely stands out in the wonderful lineup!