KEN THE 390の8作目は、ポジティヴなエネルギーに満ち溢れている印象だ。プロデューサーにはDJ WATARAI竹内朋康CHIVABUZZER BEATS)、BYGdaddyYasterizeら重鎮から気鋭までを迎えているが、全編を通してフレッシュかつ明快。ANNE Beatsによる1曲目“Clap”では、畳み掛けるようなラップがアグレッシヴだ。SHUNSWAYKLOOZが客演した2014年のサマー・アンセム“Pop!!”も収録。

[English Translation]
Actively sprinting across various works as a rapper and event&label organizer, KEN THE 390’s 8th release is full of positive energy. Inviting a wide assortment of producers from the universal authorities to the up-and-coming (i.e. DJ WATARAI, Tomoyasu Takeuchi (SUPER BUTTER DOG), CHIVA (BUZZERBEATS), BYGdaddy, Yasterize), the whole album conveys a fresh, non-complicated and clear-cut sound. Produced by the beatmaker ANNE Beats, the opening track “Clap” brings a forcibly layered aggressive rap that presses on. The full-length album also contains the summer anthem of 2014, “Pop!! feat. SHUN, SWAY, KLOOZ”.