Qomolangma Tomato、ナイーヴな主題を持ち前のファンキーなグルーヴ&無鉄砲で無防備なヴォーカルで表現した自主レーベル設立後初のEP



[English Translation]

Qomolangma Tomato  "Kanashimi Inukou (meaning Let’s Arrow Through Sorrow)"

The name they put to their own label is ‘Shigarami (meaning constraint),’ which has been an underlying concept of their lyrics from their very first song. It’s been about three years since the last release, however, the core of their music doesn’t waver at all in this latest mini-album; the funky groove created by simple ensemble as in its first two songs physically expresses the theme: hesitation and conflict. The vocalization of Naruto Ishii, who has a unique sense of rhythm and melody, is reckless and vulnerable/defenseless as ever. The hollowness in the sounds make his pure and naive words come straight to our hearts even more directly.